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As one of the most popular strategy game on the mobile phone. Clash of Clans can bring the players a lot of funs. Players can build training camps, barracks, city walls and other buildings for their villages to strengthen their army strength and protect their villages. At the same time, they can invade other tribes, plunder more resources, and make their army stronger.
You can produce resource on your own clan to upgrade the defending building, troops and spell. The elixir, dark elixir, coins and gems are the basic resource of this game. You can use The elixir and dark elixir to create troops and spells. You can build the defending buidings and other buildings with coins and gems. You also can take resource by attack others' clan. You can take reward by take part in all kinds of clan wars. Clash of Clans has been realesed for many years. Now, it is still one of the most popular mobile games around the world.

Background Story
Clash of Clans tells the story of goblins, barbarians, giants and other tribes. In order to fight for resources and land and maintain the long-term development of the tribe, it has launched countless battles. The player can play as the clan chief and build a training camp from the village. Barracks, city walls and other buildings expand the strength of your own tribe and prevent the invasion of other tribes. At the same time, it can also invade other tribes and take more resources to make its own tribe stronger.

Clash of Clans Mod (unlimited money) apk

Troops in Clash of Clans
Players can build some barracks from the village to expand the number of arms. The arms will die during the battle. Players can consume some holy water or dark heavy oil resources to train arms and supplement the number of arms. Different arms require different resources for training, and the training takes different time.
Various arms will have different attack preferences, damage types, attack targets, movement speed, required space, etc. The arms also have different levels. Players can build some laboratories from the village and consume holy water or dark heavy oil resources. To upgrade the level of arms. The higher the level of arms, the stronger the combat capability of the arms.

There are two kinds of currency in the game, gems and gold coins, which have different uses and methods of obtaining. Among them, gems can be obtained by recharging, or removing some non-self-built resources (such as wood, groves, ancient barbarian statues, etc.), and some gems can be randomly obtained. Players can consume gems to purchase construction workers' cabins, shields, and cooldowns for accelerated construction. Gold coins can be obtained through the output of gold mine buildings, or defeated by other players, and even obtained through some gameplay activities. Players can consume gold coins to build or upgrade some buildings
The consumables in the game include training potions, resource potions, strength potions, etc. These consumables can strengthen the troop level and accelerate the collection speed of the collector. These consumables can be superimposed in the backpack. After the player consumes these consumables, the number of superpositions will be Will decrease. Players can purchase these consumables by merchants, or go to the mall to buy

Clash of Clans Mod (unlimited money) apk

Three Game modes in Clash of Clans:
Online mode - Players enter the online mode from the "attack" icon at the bottom left of the first base camp, search for opponents to attack, and the opponent's village is in a defensive state. The initial search is free, if you are not satisfied with your opponent, you can spend gold coins to search for the next opponent. After searching for your favorite opponent, the player needs to destroy the main building in the opponent's village within a limited 3 minutes. When the destruction reaches 50%, you can win. The winning player plundered some gold coins, holy water, dark heavy oil and other rewards from the opponent's village. At the same time, players can get the corresponding trophies, the higher the trophies, the more rewards they will win. If the player fails to reach 50% destruction within the prescribed time, the attack will fail and some trophies will be deducted. Players will consume some arms or potions in online mode.

Night mode - From the "attack" icon at the bottom left of the second base camp, players can enter the confrontation interface and search for opponents. The match game is similar to the online mode. Players can search for opponents with similar combat power to plunder, and successfully destroy the opponent's village to a destruction level of 100 within the prescribed 3 minutes, you can win, and get some gold coins, holy water, dark Heavy oil and other rewards, as well as the corresponding number of trophies. Otherwise, it is a predatory failure, and a certain number of trophies will be deducted for failure.
In the game, only the attacking side will lose resources or arms, while the defending side will not lose resources, but will lose some gold coins, holy water, and dark heavy oil. Players can increase their trophies and get more rewards. The number of trophies in the match and online mode is independently distinguished.

Clan wars - The rules of tribal warfare in Clash of Clans are that the number of people in the tribe cannot enter the war. The number of tribal warfare is 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50. The members of the tribe can choose whether or not to participate in the war. The leader or deputy leader can choose to participate in the battle. The rule of war match degree is judged by the tribe's victory rate and the strength of the standard defense power given to the corresponding opponent. Everyone will own the limited tribal soldiers in their tribal castle, but they need others to donate within 23 hours of the preparation day (you can’t donate to yourself, only those who fight tribal wars can donate), the guard will always exist in During the war, donate troops again until the beginning of the next war. This kind of donation will not bring any number of soldiers donated, and it needs people who are willing to pay.
During the clan wars, each person has two chances to attack. Under the optimal situation of the other party, the specific number of stars obtained is calculated according to the number of stars earned, and finally calculated according to the highest number of stars. The tribal battle lasts 24 hours, and it is impossible to attack beyond the time. Each combatant can choose a different position for the other party to attack (you can investigate before the attack, but you cannot display traps and reinforcements). There is no limit to the number of attacks on the opponent's position. Several people can play one.

Clash of Clans is a game with exquisite graphics, realistic sound effects, simple operation, and rich content, but the pitfalls are that it takes too long to upgrade the building and the items in the game is slightly expensive.

Clash of Clans Mod (unlimited money) apk

About Clash of Clan Mod
Clash of Clans Mod is mod game with unlimited gems, golds, elixirs, dark elixirs. It is a private server mod. It can be installed without uninstall your original Clash of Clans game. At first time you loading the game, it will take a little longer. When you successfully open the game, you will find a lot of coins, gems and elixirs for free. Then you can use these free resources to buy anything you need in the game.
Информация о моде
модник деньги, эликсира, и драгоценные камни. эта игра создала частный сервер.
Присоединитесь к миллионам игроков по всему миру: стройте свою деревню, развивайте свой клан и соревнуйтесь в эпических войнах кланов!

Вас ждут усатые варвары, бросающие огненные шары колдуны и другие уникальные воины! Окунитесь в мир Clash!

• Улучшите ратушу до 13-го уровня и обрушьте на врагов мощь великой адской башни!
• К вашей армии присоединяется новый герой — королевский чемпион, а с ней ее верное копье и способность «Щит-искатель»!
• В бою вам поможет новый воин — йети, а оборону усилит новое защитное сооружение — швырятель.

Классические возможности:
• Вступите в уже существующий клан или создайте свой собственный и пригласите в него друзей.
• Сражайтесь со своей командой в войнах кланов против игроков со всего мира.
• Испытайте свои навыки в лигах войн кланов и докажите остальным, что вы лучше всех.
• Действуйте сообща с соклановцами и выигрывайте в играх кланов ценные волшебные предметы.
• Защищайте свою деревню с помощью пушек, бомб, ловушек, мортир и стен.
• Сражайтесь против короля гоблинов в режиме одиночной кампании.
• Разрабатывайте неповторимые боевые стратегии, создавая бесчисленные комбинации заклинаний, воинов и героев.
• Участвуйте в дружеских испытаниях, дружеских войнах и особых событиях.
• Обучайте и улучшайте уникальных воинов.
• Отправьтесь в плавание к деревне строителя, чтобы открыть новые здания и встретить новых таинственных персонажей.

ВНИМАНИЕ! Вы можете загрузить и играть в Clash of Clans бесплатно, но некоторые игровые предметы продаются за реальные деньги. Если вы не желаете использовать эту функцию, пожалуйста, отключите встроенные покупки в настройках вашего устройства. Кроме того, согласно Условиям пользования и Политике конфиденциальности загружать игру Clash of Clans и играть в нее могут только пользователи, которым исполнилось 13 лет.

Для игры также требуется подключение к интернету.

Поддержка: вождь, у вас возникли проблемы? Посетите https://supercell.helpshift.com/a/clash-of-clans/?p=web&l=ru или http://supr.cl/ClashForum либо свяжитесь с нами в игре, перейдя в Настройки > Помощь и поддержка.

Политика конфиденциальности: http://supercell.com/en/privacy-policy/ru/

Условия пользования: http://supercell.com/en/terms-of-service/ru/

Справочник для родителей: http://supercell.com/en/parents/ru/
Что нового
  • Чем труднее испытание, тем лучше награда!
    • Встречайте сезонные испытания — новый игровой режим с невероятными призами!
    • Каждый месяц можно выиграть новый эксклюзивный скин героя, пройдя все сезонные испытания с золотым пропуском!
    • Продвигайтесь вперед быстрее: значительно уменьшены стоимость и время улучшения зданий, войск и заклинаний!
    • И это еще не все! Вас ждут войны формата 30 на 30 в лигах войн кланов, изменения баланса, новые уровни воинов и множество других улучшений!

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    please update the game there is a new version of this game

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    clash of clans hilesiz en yeni sürümünü çıkarın lütfen biraz çabuk olun

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    can't you add some more mod in Clash of clans like unlimited gems,money,and elexir

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    I need unlimited troops please add this mod today's ok

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    we want it moded without a private server and update every time

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    mod money,elixir, and gemes.this game created a private server

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    plss update mod to last versionbzjsnxbjsbdjsnsvjsbdjsnsbjsjshs

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    upload a mod which can be updated or tell to how this mod can been updated

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    free fireccvggggvvvhhhhhhbhbbbbhhbbbhbhjjfgfK do do do do do do do do do do do do do is do is do do is do not on on on on

  • user:Walihusain  countries: US   os: android 9   device: Realme RMX1941

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    Please add clash of clans base layout maps ,Copy paste .

  • user:frankd  countries: US   os: android 10   device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

    2020-07-03 05:52:35

    I want a mod with unlimited troops and gems gold elixir dark elixir

  • user:pran04040004  countries: IN   os: android 9   device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S

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    I want mod with money, elixir and diamonds unlimited and there should be when we spent money, elixir and diamonds it should not decrease it should increase

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    pubg lite mod please sent me. 123456789123456789

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    please inpute a 1000 troops.it will be funny.Many people like to play coc as hack

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    plsss updated this because if you update this in chrome is very slow it was wasting a time so i request this to uploaders plss make a newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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    сделайте пожалуйста новую версию клеш оф кленс пж¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I like a no private server i hope you understand me

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