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Обзор редактора
Granny is a very scary escape adventure mobile game. In the game, you are locked in a room by an old granny. She has a grim face, a shriveled figure and cold eyes, so you are very scared. You must be as fast as possible. Escape out. But with a little noise, the old lady will notice and you will be caught by the old lady. The consequences can be said to be very terrible. I believe that the first time the person caught will quit the game instantly. This game is shot when caught Suddenly turning to grandma, she is holding a baseball bat, aiming at your head and knocking it, okay, you are dizzy, the game scene is so realistic, and it is very creepy and creepy. You have to muster the courage, keep trying, refresh every time Props are different. You have to search for any props as much as possible. It may become the key to your escape.

Game Background
Before the character we controlled came to this horrible house, there was a person who had a similar experience. It can also be said that this game was adapted from the real events of that person, but his result was tragic. , He could not escape his birth within five days, and was sentenced to death by the old grandmother...After five days in the game, this amiable old grandmother will eat you back. They were all caught in. This terrifying grandmother pierced the tire with a nail and asked you to get out of the car to check the condition of the car, and then came over and stunned and dragged into the house. The old grandmother threw him into the basement fiercely, and the ground was full of his dripping blood. The whole basement was filled with a gloomy and terrifying atmosphere. He was dying and died with hatred. (If you want to see the details, please refer to the first time you played , Did not run out for 5 days and was killed by grandma). This explains why blood is stained by the stairs in the basement, bloody flesh and bone remains are hung in the small room in the secret passage leading to the basement on the second floor, and the blood left on the window that can be reached over the dining table on the first floor Handprint...

Granny Mod apk

This game is a horrible mode escape game, and there is always a terrible grandma who suddenly knocks you out. It is best to turn on the voice when entering the game, so that you can clearly hear the grandma opening the door and walking (of course you can also hear the horrible sound when you are caught) and the ugly face of the old grandma. You have to control the characters in the game to move around in each room, looking for items to help you escape. The game has four different modes of difficulty to choose from. The number of rooms in each mode is different, and I only have the simple mode to pass one level. But pay attention to the first three modes, grandma can't catch up with you, so don't stop your pace! In the extreme mode, although grandma can catch up with you, you can also rely on your snake skin to avoid her. But if you know that she is behind you, don't look back. This is a piece of advice. All we can do is escape. If you look back, you will be stunned by the old lady with a stick, and the day will be wasted.

Granny Mod apk

This picture quality is quite good. The 3D game style is more realistic and scary. There is nothing wrong with the grandma’s style of surprise and horror, but the whole scene is full of gloomy style and weird BGM. It always makes people shudder. The game screen is worth mentioning, which is also the hot spot of this game. The disc on the left side of the screen is your steering wheel. You have to rely on this to turn forward and backward. On the right are the keys for you to achieve various operations, such as opening doors or using props. The upper left corner is the state you are in, standing or squatting. When you encounter something like a bed, you can choose to hide in the bed to avoid grandma, but don't think that grandma can't catch you. If she finds you under the bed, she won't come down and grab you, but will kill your patience first, and then suddenly get down.

Granny Mod  apk

Granny Mod Menu
It is really hard to pass the all level and escape from the room in the game Granny. Once you make a bit of voice, you will be catched by the Monster Granny. As how can we pass this game easily. You can download the mod game Granny Mod with mod menu. When you open the mod menu. You can choose the god mode. Which means you cannot hurt by the Granny. You also can kill the granny with this mod menu. Granny Mod will let you win this game easily. Download and install this mod game if you always lose in this game. Enjoy the game!

Информация о моде
MOD, неуязвимость
Добро пожаловать в Бабушке.

Бабушка держит вас заперли в ее доме.
Теперь вы должны попытаться выйти из своего дома, но будьте осторожны и тихо. Она все слышит.
Если вы уронили что-то на полу, она слышит и подбегает.
Вы можете скрыть шкафы или под кроватью.
У вас есть 5 дней.


Игра содержит рекламу.
Что нового
  • * Добавлен еще один конец "Game Over".
    * Исправлен еще один глюк с заморозкой.

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  • 2018-08-24 11:51:50version:

    me encanto

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  • os: Android 4.4.2   device: ZenFone 5

    2018-08-24 21:45:57version:

    Muito bom

  • os: Android 4.4.2  

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  • os: Android 6.0.1   device: Galaxy J2 Prime

    2018-08-25 13:50:42version:

    Cuando van a hackear granny

  • os: Android 5.0.1   device: LG Magna

    2018-08-25 21:24:20version:

    Looool esta muy chido

  • countries: BR  os: Android 4.3   device: Galaxy Core Plus

    2018-08-26 19:28:49version:

    Muito bom

  • 2018-08-27 15:10:39version:

    merci que tu as aussi mit un modsans se mod j'aurais jamais peu gagner merci au createur et au mod qui m'ont tellement aidé

  • countries: DE  os: android 4.4.2   device: LENOVO Lenovo A3500-FL

    2018-08-28 03:14:32version:


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  • os: Android 6.0   device: PSP3510DUO

    2018-08-28 04:33:14version:

    Крутий мод

  • countries: FI  os: android 8.0.0   device: samsung SM-A520F

    2018-08-29 07:08:45version:


  • countries: BR  os: android 5.1   device: motorola XT1022

    2018-08-29 11:01:23version:

    que pode sair da casa

  • countries: BR  os: android 5.1   device: alps A96

    2018-08-29 11:48:15version:

    love it

  • countries: RU  os: android 7.1.2   device: Xiaomi Redmi 5A

    2018-08-29 15:25:35version:

    вика и гренни

  • countries: US  os: android 4.4.4   device: samsung SM-T113

    2018-08-29 15:37:55version:

    it's not really working

  • countries: AE  os: android 4.4.4   device: samsung SM-T116

    2018-08-30 04:04:20version:


  • countries: BR  os: android 4.4.2   device: LGE LG-D125

    2018-08-30 08:43:54version:


  • countries: BR  os: android 5.1.1   device: samsung SM-G531H

    2018-08-30 14:52:32version:

    you hood

  • user:azfh  countries: TH   os: android 10   device: realme RMX2020

    2020-11-25 21:08:00


  • user:NaomiorMika  countries: PH   os: android 6.0.1   device: samsung SM-P355

    2020-11-24 14:26:12

    Here are mah ideas Size cool weapons to make granny a sleep and more time for granny to sleep like 75 minutes

  • user:Yanier2009215  countries: US   os: android 10   device: samsung SM-A505U1

    2020-11-24 07:44:13

    hey can you guys make a among us mod that does not say your banned for hacking

  • user:xxxhackerjuicwwrldxxx  countries: US   os: android 9   device: Amazon KFMUWI

    2020-11-24 06:17:27

    turn giant make granny dance turn to deadpool turn to anything get any weapon make anything spawn infront of you be a superhero and have powers

  • user:bana123  countries: GB   os: android 8.1.0   device: samsung SM-G610F

    2020-11-23 20:45:56


  • user:Ezgi5902  countries: TR   os: android 8.1.0   device: TCL 8082

    2020-11-23 17:53:40

    müq bir oyun bence yüklemelisin denemen gereken bir yün gerçekten

  • user:zamasu500  countries: BR   os: android 5.1.1   device: LGE LG-K130

    2020-11-23 06:35:50

    eu nem joguei o Mod mas não tô nem aí muito bom kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • user:Olivercito  countries: US   os: android 6.0.1   device: samsung SM-J327P

    2020-11-23 01:27:42

    es bello el mod porque siempre me mataban siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioiiiiiìi>iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooiiueuehfuldooiiiiioiiooooooo

  • user:batkiko  countries: GB   os: android 7.0   device: samsung SM-N920C

    2020-11-22 19:15:59

    batkiko and the best snips the return of the swift key to be a bit of a fortnite for

  • user:GamerTrioboys  countries: FI   os: android 9   device: HUAWEI POT-LX1

    2020-11-22 13:41:10

    Ultra mod menu, god Mode, granny duplicate, running

  • user:Epicccs  countries: IT   os: android 10   device: samsung SM-J610FN

    2020-11-22 08:25:55


  • user:[email protected]  countries: BR   os: android 6.0.1   device: samsung SM-J500M

    2020-11-22 00:41:46

    oi boa tarde eu achei que ia ter um paineu de racke

  • user:joelrausch  countries: DE   os: android 10   device: HUAWEI POT-LX1

    2020-11-22 00:29:33

    Es geht nicht weiß ned warum also runterladen sbhdjejrjrjdjhhgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhhhhjhhhhhhhhhhh

  • user:Meheheh  countries: PL   os: android 8.1.0   device: HUAWEI DUB-LX1

    2020-11-18 21:20:42

    ekefjwkfjdwjvkjf geckejffjjfvjgjfgirgkfkfkgkkhbekgkrorhohrlj

  • user:PHEANICH  countries: KH   os: android 10   device: vivo vivo 1938

    2020-11-18 10:49:17

  • user:hfsufdjfdjgdfjgtjdfugutduyfyfuuyf  countries: US   os: android 6.0.1   device: vivo vivo 1606

    2020-11-18 10:35:48

    mod menu pls igdustutsutstististsyodyofufoiydiydidttidtidtetdtidtidtidtidyiy

  • user:erick.diablillo  countries: MX   os: android 6.0   device: TCL 5010S

    2020-11-18 08:26:45

    pongan el mod menú plis, eso me aria feliz:).

  • user:donny3316  countries: US   os: android 9   device: motorola moto g(7) play

    2020-11-18 06:19:58

    you should fly you should tell the part you should turn into granny and the spider you should become small and big

  • user:XDDDDDDDD6812  countries: US   os: android 9   device: Xiaomi Redmi 8

    2020-11-18 03:24:10

    MODO OBAMA.............,[email protected] xd f f g g gggtf D desde

  • user:Mango_gamer  countries: BR   os: android 5.1   device: motorola XT1033

    2020-11-18 01:18:30

    nunca morrer.


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